Our Services

Here at Merlin Frame Maker, we focus on Customised Conservational Framing. Apart from making frames to best suit your artwork’s aesthetics, we ensure that the artwork is preserved for generations to come.

An unframed artwork will deteriorate over time due to environmental factors such as ultraviolet (UV) rays and humidity. Conservation Framing is designed to minimise deterioration and prevent contributory deterioration by materials surrounding the artwork. Hence, this framing technique is an important and valuable service to any frame maker.

Customised Framing

Display Stands for 3D Items

We understand that not all artworks can stand upright on their own without support. Apart from the traditional method of framing 2D objects, we have developed new ways to produce display stands for 3D items.

Display Stand for 3D artwork with our art stand.

A 3D item in our acrylic display case on our display stand.

Mirror and Glass

At Merlin Frame Maker, we ensure the glazing on our frames is clear and pristine. We also manufacture framed mirrors and glass for home decoration.

Examples of our glass displays can be found at any of our existing outlets.

We don’t just frame objects and painting–with our wide array of frame choices many of our customers opt to have their glass decor done by us.

Picture Hanging / Installation

We provide professional picture hanging services, with different hanging techniques for different types of artworks.

We are also the dealer of the most ground-breaking range of hanging systems from Holland: STAS Picture Hanging Systems. The STAS award-winning product line and their patented hanging systems offer you an extensive range of picture hanging solutions.

Currently, our best-selling product is the Clip rail, a wall mounted rail with concealed fixings available in both white and aluminium finish. When used together with a transparent nylon cord and a sleek hanging hook, this hanging system provides a tasteful and elegant touch to any home or office environment. (Please see the illustration below.)

Illustration of STAS picture hanging systems

Graphics & Images of Stas Picture Hanging Systems – © Copyright STAS BV 2006 – 2015

Feel free to visit our newest branch located at Waterloo to view the easy-to-use STAS Picture Hanging Systems. Our branch at Waterloo also runs a gallery.

Art Restoration

Our in-house restorers provide art restoration and conservation services for collectors and museums, as well as commissioning services for portraits and paintings. Our framing consultants and art specialists apply their expertise to provide advice regarding the appropriate techniques of conservation framing for the protection and conservation of your invaluable artworks.

Art Consultancy

We provide art consultancy for commercial framing projects such as interior design for hotels, residences, shopping malls, and business houses. With decades of experience of dealing with artworks under our belt, Merlin Gallery was established as a channel for this art expertise. Our gallery was developed to fulfil our main goal of giving both established and young Singaporean artists a platform to showcase their artwork. Be sure to check out our gallery site at www.merlingallery.com.sg for information on upcoming exhibitions and events.

Art Collection & Delivery

Merlin Frame Maker takes pride in the conservation of all the artworks we work with. To ensure that your artworks travel safely and in optimal conditions we equip our delivery vehicles with the necessary components. We have installed alarm triggers on our vehicles for security, and customised their interiors for the maximum safety of the artwork while it is on the road. The humidity of the vehicles is also regulated to prevent any deterioration while travelling. 

Merlin Lorry

Our well-equipped lorries act as a home on the road for your artworks.

Merlin Van

Our high-security vans ensure all artworks arrive at their destination safely and soundly.