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Why Merlin Frame Maker?

Largest custom frame maker

Merlin Frame Maker provides specialist framing advice across 3 prime locations in Singapore. Come find us at either River Valley, Waterloo Centre, or Paragon Orchard.

Huge range of design options

With over 600 unique frame styles available and a range of customization options we have the perfect match for your home, office, gallery or museum setting.

Conservation specialist

As a pioneer of conservation framing in Singapore we are ideally placed to advise you on the appropriate framing solution to protect your artwork.

Custom Framing

Custom Framing

We specialise in creating beautiful hand-made, museum quality frames for fine art, paintings, prints, posters, photographs, objects, garments and more.

Over 600 high quality frames, which can be mixed and matched with countless mat boards, textiles and glazing options to fit your individual style.

Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing is designed to minimize the deterioration that occurs when a piece of art is exposed to the environment over a prolonged period of time.

We are specialists in the practice of conservation framing, combining the highest quality materials with our experienced team of skilled professionals we have been chosen by many private art collectors, galleries and museums.

Fine art in a beautiful decorative frame
Canvas Streching

Canvas Streching

We offer canvas stretching and framing services at any of our 3 outlets. We offer general stretching services for canvases of all sizes, as well as additional services such as framing, glazing, pick-up, delivery and installation.

Check out our canvas stretching quote tool to generate a rough initial price based on the size of your canvas work.

Custom Mirror Frames

Custom Mirror Frames

Merlin Frame Maker offers a custom mirror framing service with a wide selection of frame molds and finishing’s to choose from.

We are adept at helping you select the best framing solution to complement your space and can customize the size to your specific needs.

Custom mirror frame on bathroom wall
Picture Hanging System

Picture Hanging System

Merlin Frame Maker is the sole distributor of the STAS picture hanging system in Singapore, a system designed to make the hanging of pictures and paintings a breeze.

We have installed the system in homes, offices, shops, museums and galleries with the system capable of being installed on various kinds of walls and ceilings.

Pictures on wall using a hanging system