Appreciating the Art of Chen Wen Hsi – Series V

Merlin Gallery are proud to present the 5th installment of our series of talks on the late Singaporean artist Dr Chen Wen Hsi. Come join us at 261 Waterloo Centre on December 15th from 7pm. Enjoy a wide variety of Chen Wen Hsi paintings from the private collection of Johnny Quek.

Chen Wen Hsi Series V Exhibition Flyer

About Chen Wen Hsi

Chen Wen Hsi is one of Singapore’s most beloved artists, a part of the pioneering first generation of Singaporean artists that helped create and define the Nanyang style of painting.

He was proficient in both traditional Chinese ink painting and Western oil painting. His style of painting was highly grounded in tradition and at the same time heavily borrowed from Western ideas and concepts. After his passing in 1991 his works have continued to be highly sought after, fetching high prices in various auctions across the world.

The work titled ‘Pasar (Market)’ created in 1950 still holds the record at $1.4M having sold in Hong Kong in 2013.

Chen’s works have been featured on Singapore stamps, commemorative ingots as well as EZ-link cards and currency. The gibbons in his painting “Two Gibbons Amidst Vines” appear on the reverse side of the S$50 banknote in the portrait series of the Singapore currency.

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Full Chen Wen Hsi Exhibition Details

Exhibition Title: Appreciating the Art of Dr Chen Wen Hsi [Series V]

Opening Event: Friday 15th December, 2017 from 7pm featuring a short introduction from Mr Johnny Quek

Full Exhibition Running Period: 15th December through to 21st January (12 – 7pm daily)

Location: Merlin Gallery, Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo Street #01-11, Singapore, 180261

Contact Details: +65 6837 2008

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