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Merlin Frame Maker is a specialist in framing all kinds of certificates and printed articles including degree certificates, medical certificates, newspaper and article clippings.

Framed Certificate
Do you have a certificate or newspaper or article clipping that you want to frame and protect? Merlin Frame Maker is an expert in art conservation and just like how our framing techniques keep fine art in the best condition, engaging us to frame your certificates or articles would offer the best protection to your hard-earned qualification or positive PR story.

Your documents would be mounted on acid-free paper to keep the paper from yellowing and a fine separation between the document would be maintained to ensure that it does not come into contact with the glass/acrylic front of the frame.

Other than protection, you can also choose a measure of convenience for your documents as we offer an “open and close” feature for your frame, allowing you to change the documents enclosed if ever you need to update (e.g. for professionals who renew their certificates from time to time).
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