Custom Mirror Frames

Custom Mirrors Produced in Singapore

Mirrors are not only functional but also add a sense of spaciousness and sophistication to your home. Merlin Frame Maker offers a custom mirror framing service with a wide selection of frame molds and finishings to choose from. We are adept at helping you select the best framing solution to complement your space and can customise the size to your specific needs. We have delicate ornate frames if you are looking for a highly decorative mirror and high-quality wooden frames for more practical, clean cut mirror designs.

Our passionate and highly experienced framing specialists will help guide you through your options and provide recommendations where required. We also offer various additional services, including delivery and installation of custom mirrors where strong wall mounting may be required for heavier, oversized mirrors.

For more information please feel free to drop into any of our 3 dedicated outlets or drop us a note using the form below.

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Do let us know the size of mirror and some rough ideas you might have about the type of frame so we can give you a rough idea on the potential cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the frame options available?

Although we do not offer a fully-customised frame design, we carry a wide range of frame moulds and finishings that you can select and combine. You can definitely find a style that complements your interior furnishing.

What size of mirror can I frame?

The smallest mirror size we can provide is 4” x 4”. We usually frame mirrors up to 3m in length but we can make a few exceptions if required. The largest size is dependent on several factors – logistics and wall installation; availability of large sheet and thick mirrors (reflections may be distorted if the mirror is large and thin).

For larger sized framed mirrors or those that are to be installed in higher wall spaces, we have to visit the site to ensure that it is suitable before the frame production.

Can you frame rounded mirrors?

No, we typically don’t frame rounded mirrors.

How long will the framing process take?

It takes 10-12 working days for plain framed mirror and 15-20 working days for more convoluted frame designs with bevelled mirror edges. Its possible we may be able to do a priority job, but please speak to us ahead of time to discuss as depending on other work in progress we may not always be able to accomodate.

Do you offer delivery and installation services?

Yes, we are able to offer delivery and installation services but please be advised there will be an additional charge applied. This is a core service we offer, so our staff and equipment is well suited to this area. Please check with our sales staff when discussing a custom mirror frame and they can provide you with a quote for these additional services.

Can I install the mirror myself?

We include strap hangers for small to moderate sized framed mirrors so you can be easily install it by yourself or have your own contractors do the job. For larger, oversized mirrors we install French cleats to bear the heavier weight. It is best to let the installation be done by our in-house experts, but again – this is your choice.