There is plenty of places to purchase cheap, standard-sized frames these days, but often the quality is poor and the options are limited. At Merlin Frame Maker we provide a huge range of frame styles and mat borders that allow you to get a perfect, made-to-measure custom frame for your posters.

Below is a range of recent poster frame examples for your inspiration. If you would like to get a custom quote please get in touch or use our quote request form.

Framed poster in simple black frame with white mat border

Cunard Line Framed Poster

Charlie Chaplin movie poster in thin rounded black frame

Charlie Chaplin Framed Poster

French cinema poster in a gold frame with deep red mat border

French Cinema Framed Poster

Lion city poster in simple rounded wooden frame

Singpura Lion City Framed Poster

Stalin Dies news poster in dark rounded wood frame

Stalin Dies Poster Framed

Star Trek movie poster in simple black frame with minimal white border

Star Trek Framed Poster

Hans Solo movie poster with simple black frame and minimal white mat border

Han Solo Star Wars Movie Poster

Moonrise Kingdom movie poster in light brown frame

Moonrise Kingdom Framed Poster

Poster in simple rounded wood frame with white mat border

Framed Poster

For more examples of our custom poster frames, you may wish to check out our frame gallery or drop by any of our three framing outlets located at River Valley Road, Waterloo Centre or Paragon Orchard.