The framing of fabric garments such as t-shirts, sports jerseys etc is a popular item at Merlin Frame Maker. Below is a small collection of examples we’ve recently framed in this category to give you some inspiration. You can find out more information about our jersey framing services here or request a custom quote.

Collection of football jerseys framed in a simple black frame

Various Football Jerseys Framed

SMBC Open t-shirt framed in a simple gold frame with black backing

Golf T Shirt Framed

Signed Sergio Aguero shirt with certificate framed with a decorative black and white frame

Signed Sergio Aguero Football Shirt

Toronto Maple Leafs ice hocket jersey framed in a simple black frame

Ice Hockey Framed Jersey

David Beckham signed England jersey on blue background with decorative white frame

David Beckham Signed England Shirt

Signed Bournemouth football shirt in simple black frame

Bournemouth Football Jersey Framed

Thierry Henry Arsenal shirt in simple white frame

Arsenal Football Jersey and Scarf Framed

Michael Jordan basketball jersey in simple black frame

Michael Jordan Framed Basketball Jersey

Ryan Giggs Manchester United jersey in simple black frame

Ryan Giggs Football Jersey Framed

Signed Tottenham Hotspur jersey in simple red frame

Tottenham Jersey Framed